First Youth Members’ Day of 2024

First Youth Members’ Day of 2024

The Youth Centre members met and discussed harmoniously.

On Sunday 17 March, Nalanda Youth members gathered at Nalanda Youth Centre in Sri Serdang for the first Youth Members’ Day of 2024.  The purpose of this gathering is to formally welcome new Youth members on board, to reflect on our learning journey over the past year, and to align our direction for the year ahead.

Youth Leader, Bro. Yap Kuan Yi hosted the gathering with high energy, warmth, and enthusiasm.  He prompted members by asking “What Nalanda Youth Centre is to you?” and expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all members for their active participation and selfless service.  Bro. Kuan Yi also invited on stage four exceptional youth members who went above and beyond in their contribution to the Youth Centre to share their journey and aspirations with us.

Reciting the invocation and Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels before the meeting started.

Sis. Nandini Tan, Youth Mentor gave advice for their spiritual development.

Bro. Yap Kuan Yi, Youth Centre leader thanked everyone for their support.

Sis. Lim Cai Pei hosted the Members’ Day.

Youth Mentor, Sis. Nandini Tan was also invited to grace the occasion.  She shared with members the three core values of Nalanda Youth Centre which are to learn, to service and to grow. She reiterated the importance of fulfilling both learning and service as they are conducive to our personal development and growth as youths. Sis. Nandini also urged all members to have Viriya (“energy” or “effort”) in our attitude of engaging in wholesome activities and accomplishing virtuous actions.

It has been a fruitful and meaningful Youth Members’ Day filled with laughter and insightful sharing. We express our deepest gratitude to the Youth advisors and Youth leaders for their unwavering support and encouragement given to us throughout the years. We also commend the members’ eagerness to learn and their selfless act of service to the community. Let us continue to strive diligently and bring Nalanda Youth Centre to greater heights!