Fruitful Emceeing Workshop

Fruitful Emceeing Workshop


Bro. Tan emphasising that effective communication skill is essential for one to become a good emcee.

On Saturday 12 September, Nalanda Institute organised an emceeing workshop themed, “Inspire Your Audience”.  The fruitful workshop was designed to train in-house emcees to host various Nalanda programmes and activities with poise, confidence and effectiveness.  The facilitators, Sis. Sadhika Tan and Bro. Tong, shared many useful techniques including ways to overcome stage fright, effective delivery, as well as organising and preparing the presentation.


Bro. Tong sharing some useful techniques for overcoming stage fright and effective delivery.

Participants of the emceeing workshop were made to understand their roles of hosts of Nalanda programmes and their necessary preparation for events they host.  Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan also gave a short sharing at the workshop where he emphasised the need for effective communication skills.  Emcees at Nalanda play a larger role than just being announcers.  They should add value to their pivotal roles by being examplers for Buddhist culture and thus inspiring others to learn Dhamma.


Sis. Sadhika Tan sharing some useful techniques in organising and preparing presentations.