Fruitful study tour to Bujang Valley (Part 2)

Nalanda Institute Malaysia organized a fabulous study tour to Bujang Valley in Kedah from 4 – 6 October.

Report by tour participants Sis. Kwa Ai Ai, Livin Leow and Mudita Chan

A special expedition comprising Nalanda Institute’s Director, officers, and students of BPS402 Higher Certificate in Buddhist Studies set-off for a fabulous study tour to Bujang Valley in Kedah from 4 – 6 October.  The entourage of 40 participants was privilege to be guided by Bro. H S Tan and hosted by Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch.

Whenever opportunities arise, Bro. Tan would give us Dhamma teachings.  For example, when we visited a brick furnace, while explaining the process of brick-making, Bro. Tan interjected that only well-made and fully-baked bricks have the strength to last more than a hundred years, whereas half-baked bricks would have no such strength.

The group took the opportunity to visit Gurun Buddhist Association.

Similarly, a ‘half-baked practitioner’ would have no strength of character.  He is weak when faced with problems as he forgets about true refuge.  Thus, we should reflect on this ‘simile of the brick’ in our practice – where we should withstand difficulties in our lives with courage and patience.  This will help build and strengthen our character.

Bro. Tan would give us Dhamma teachings whenever the opportunity arises.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bro. Tan especially for his detailed narrative of history and Dhamma-teaching; to Nalanda Institute for the thoughtful organization of the tour; and to the selfless and down-to-earth Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch members for their kind hospitality throughout the trip.  And also not forgetting the warm and friendly ‘Kalyana Mitta’ we met on this trip – thank you!

Bro. Tan explaining at the mouth of Merbok River – Tanjung Dawai.