Generosity in our daily lives

Generosity in our daily lives

Datuk Charlie emphasised that giving is not limited to material items. We can give our time, care and service for the benefit of others.

On Sunday 18 August, Datuk Charlie Chia gave a Dhamma talk on the topic of ‘Generosity’ during the Sunday Morning Service at Nalanda Centre.  In our spiritual journey on the Noble Eightfold Path to achieve freedom from suffering, we must hone our virtues including the important quality of generosity.

Through the act of giving, we practise the skill of letting go and considering others’ needs; this helps to free our minds from jealousy, greed and hatred.  One will also find much happiness when we give without expectations and out of compassion for others.  It is important that we do not merely plan to do acts of generosity on auspicious occasions, but allow this noble act to be a spontaneous part of our daily lives.

Devotees start the service with a meditation sitting to calm their minds.

With reverence and faith, devotees participate in the offerings to the Three Jewels.

After offerings, the service continues with chanting in both Pāli and English.

We thank Datuk Charlie for this apt reminder for us to give our time, service and resources to support those in need and worthy causes.  May all of us have the supporting conditions to experience the joy of giving leading to much happiness and peace within.