Gimhāna sharing – Harmony at our workplace

Gimhāna sharing – Harmony at our workplace

When we have harmony at work, we do not carry any negative emotions back home to our families.

On Sunday 26 June, Nalandians gathered for ‘Samaggi Day’, which falls on the last Sunday of every month.  Members and devotees were joined by Nalanda youths and Dhamma School students for the morning meditation, offerings and chanting.

In the morning sharing, Sis. Buddhini Tan, President of the Society, encouraged us to pay more attention to our daily practice, so that we can stop unwholesome practices from repeating, and develop habits which are conducive to spiritual development.

After the morning meditation, the congregation makes offerings and perform morning chanting with faith and reverence in the Three Jewels.

We do not need to overthink our past mistakes, but consider how we can do better in the future.

Sis. Lim Kah Hong delivered a Dhamma talk on harmony with those we work with, referring to the Sārāṇīya Dhamma Sutta (AN 6.12) where the Buddha taught the six conditions conducive to amiability, endearment and unity.  These are bodily, verbal and mental acts of loving-kindness, being generous, having shared virtues, and adopting right views.

When we face challenges in working with those who may seem difficult or unkind, we should also remember that everyone holds a measure of struggle and pain, so that we are more considerate, and respond with mindfulness and compassion.  Let us not obsess over what others have done wrong, but focus on what we can do well for the benefit of both ourselves and others.  The full Dhamma sharing is available here.

Dissenting views are common when people of different backgrounds work together. We should therefore exert more control our actions, speech and thought to create harmony.