Gimhāna sharing – Harmony gives rise to happiness

Gimhāna sharing – Harmony gives rise to happiness

Bro. Siang Chye shared that happiness is desired by all beings. Those who have attained a deeper happiness have developed harmony within themselves which also has a positive impact on those around us.

On Sunday 5 June, Bro. Tan Siang Chye delivered a Dhamma sharing on this year’s ‘Gimhāna Period’ theme – ‘Living in Harmony’.  He shared that when we have harmony within, we are free from internal conflict and are confident in our life purpose.  This in itself, leads to us having a peaceful and happy nature which positively impacts those around us.

Our mental conditioning affects our choices.  Therefore, we need to train our minds as it determines the skillfullness and wisdom of our choices.  When we develop mental states such as mindfulness, goodwill and harmlessness, we do not commit unwholesome kamma.  In the Kimatthiya Sutta (AN 10.1), the Buddha said that one who is of wholesome morality, is free from remorse and can attain states of happiness, tranquility and wisdom.

Every Sunday morning, devotees gather for a short meditation to calm their minds, offerings to the Three Jewels and chanting to recharge spiritually.

In the ‘Q&A’ session, devotees clear their doubts and seek advice.

Acceptance is another quality which we must develop to face the realities of life with equanimity.  We must also accept that everyone has their own different conditions & choices, so that we can let go of unreasonable expectations which are causes of friction, anger and discord.  By allowing our heart to soften this way, we will soon find harmony with ourselves and others.

To listen to the full Dhamma sharing, please click here.

Devotees had an opportunity to write down their queries so that they can be addressed in the Dhamma sharings during this Gimhāna Period.

After the talk, everyone helped to properly store Buddhist flags after Buddha Day Observance.

When we offer our help and service, no part is small because it all culminates together for the benefit of the community.