Giving is actually a great gain

Giving is actually a great gain

Report by Chan Jia Xin.
The opportunity to perform acts of generosity is a ‘great gain’.

Sis. Buddhinī said that we should see the opportunity to perform acts of generosity as a ‘great gain’.

On Sunday 13 November, Sis. Buddhinī Tan was invited to give a Dhamma sharing about the meaning behind the offering of robes and requisites.  She first explained that devotees make offerings as an expression of strong faith and gratitude to the Three Jewels, thinking of the Buddha as their exemplary teacher, the Dhamma as their guiding principle, and the Sangha as advisors for spiritual cultivation.

Sis. Buddhinī spoke in-depth regarding offerings made to Sangha members, explaining that devotees make such offerings out appreciation to monastics.  The strong faith aroused in monks and nuns through Dhamma practice translates to their inspiring conduct, in turn stirring up strong faith in devotees.

Dr. Shantha Abeysinghe from Sri Lanka, donating some publications to Nalanda Library.

After the Dhamma talk, Dr. Shantha Abeysinghe, a lecturer from the Open University of Sri Lanka, donated some publications to Nalanda Library which were received by Sis. Santi.

Sis. Buddhinī said that we should see the opportunity to perform such acts of generosity as a ‘great gain’.  Having cultivated generosity through repeatedly giving, the potent desires and craving within us can be greatly reduced.  To be born in a position to give is rare; so we should be heedful in this practice by giving our services, sharing the Dhamma, and performing other charitable acts.

Sis. Buddhinī concluded her sharing by reminding us that merits are rooted in sincerity and purity; merits are needed to propel us forward in the path of Dhamma.  Thus, we should strive to lead meritorious lives through the accomplishment of faith, virtue, generosity and wisdom.  We thank Sis. Buddhinī for her informative talk.  Sadhu anumodana.