Glimpses of February on NalandaTV

Glimpses of February on NalandaTV

Dear friends, Episode 6 of NalandaTV is now available for your viewing here!  The release of this episode was originally scheduled for 8 March, but was pushed back until now as the country was in shock over the disappearance of MH370.

Episode 6 features recent programmes organised by Nalanda Dharma School and Nalanda Youths.  There are also reports on the Sungai Petani Branch AGM, Berjaya Founder’s Day, and interviews with Nalanda officers.

Please click on the screen below to enjoy the broadcast, and do SHARE it with your family and friends.  Let’s support and encourage the efforts of Nalanda Youths in producing this episode of NalandaTV.  Thank you!



Credits to Producer/Editor – Andrew Tan | Archive Manager – Gan Jia Cheng | Communications Manager –  J. J. Tan | Presenters – Nicholas Lee & Chan Qi Hua |
Contributors – Lim Teik Leong & Ng Eek Chon.  Thank you all !