Gratitude and joy on ‘Sangha Day’

We thank venerable monks, our teachers, donors, volunteers and devotees for making this event truly memorable.

On Sunday 17 November, hundreds of devotees streamed into Nalanda Centre to pay tribute to the Mahā Sangha in the annual observance of ‘Sangha Day’.  This important occasion enables Buddhist laity to express gratitude and support to the Sangha (monastic community) by offering robes and other requisites, thus practising generosity and humility through the acts of giving.

Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama reminded us that the Sangha has preserved, propagated and taught the teachings of the Buddha for more than 26 centuries.  As a result, millions have benefitted from their diligent effort and compassion.  With understanding and gratitude, devotees humbly presented their offerings to venerable monks in the inspiring ceremony.

The day started with the customary ‘Achariya Abhivādana’, paying respects to our late spiritual adviser Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda and all departed teachers.

Devotees offering lights, water, flowers and fruits to the Three Jewels with deep respect.

Volunteers working together with joy and in harmony to prepare lunch.

Sis. Nandini explaining the role of the Sangha in the Mandarin Dhamma talk.

Achariya Vijaya sharing the moments leading up to the establishment of the Sangha by the Buddha.

Bro. Zhen Shun providing venerable monks with an update of Wisdom Park, an educational campus to train future Buddhist teachers and leaders.

Devotees stand to respectfully welcome venerable monks to the hall.

Nalanda teachers and officers making offerings to the Sangha on behalf of the Society, Nalanda Institute, Dhamma School, Free School, Library and Youth Centre.

The elders of the community were invited to make their offerings first.

Many families took the opportunity to offer robes and requisites to the Mahā Sangha together.

As devotees took turns to make their offerings, everyone rejoiced over their wholesome deeds.

With understanding of how we support the Sangha, devotees waited patiently for their turn.

With these merits, may all of us have the supporting conditions to be free from suffering.

The venerable monks gave their blessings at the conclusion of the ceremony.

We rejoice over the generosity of the community in supporting the Mahā Sangha.

With fond recollection, we rejoice over this memorable experience.  Thank you for your contribution and participation in this wholesome observance.