Happiness through gratitude this New Lunar Year

Happiness through gratitude this New Lunar Year

The Lunar New Year of the Dragon is tomorrow and Chinese communities around the world are celebrating with family reunions and gatherings from tonight.  In this festive season, we share with you this series on “Happiness through gratitude”.  May we be catalysts to bring about joy and harmony this festive season.

Gratitude (Kataññu) is an important spiritual quality and also the ingredient for joyful living.  Being grateful for all of our life experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant, can help in our spiritual progress and also bring us peace and happiness.

This positive mental quality comes from reflecting on the good things received in life.  It encourages us to reflect on the positive contribution of others in our lives.

Gratitude arises when we are truly thankful for what others have done for us and what we have received. It anchors a person to the circle of existence with others.

“Monks, someone with four qualities is raised up to heaven.

What four?

Good conduct by way of body, speech, and mind, and being grateful and thankful.

Someone with these four qualities is raised up to heaven.”

Akataññutā Sutta (AN 4.213)