12 February 2024

8 ways to embed gratitude in our daily lives

Readily Express Gratitude to Others: Regularly express appreciation to friends, family, colleagues, and others we know. A kind word or a gesture of acknowledgment can go a long way in strengthening interpersonal connections and build positive, harmonious relationships.

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9 February 2024

Happiness through gratitude this New Lunar Year

The Lunar New Year of the Dragon is tomorrow and Chinese communities around the world are celebrating with family reunions and gatherings from tonight.  In this festive season, we share with you this series on “Happiness through gratitude”.  May we be catalysts to bring about joy and harmony this festive season. 

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24 June 2023

Meaningful Father’s Day at Nalanda

On Sunday 18 June, Nalanda Dhamma School students in Serdang and Family Dhamma School students in Kuala Lumpur celebrated the love and care from their fathers and father-figures.  The celebrations created beautiful memories and also reinforced the importance of fathers in nurturing and shaping their children’s lives.

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18 June 2023

Happy Father’s Day

Patriarch, leader, provider, protector, coach – fathers today play as varied a role to their children as mothers do.  On this Father’s Day, we wish all dads a truly blessed life with lots of love, peace and happiness.  “Happy Father’s Day”!

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1 May 2023

Celebrating Nalanda’s 20th Anniversary today

Namo Buddhaya and Happy Nalanda Day! On this joyous occasion of our 20th Anniversary, Nalanda Buddhist Society extends our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all past and present spiritual teachers, leaders, members, volunteers, donors, benefactors, and Dhamma friends in Malaysia and abroad for your relentless support to Nalanda’s educational mission over the past years.

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18 March 2023

‘Nalanda Patron’s Day’ Observance today

“Nalanda Patron’s Day” is an annual programme to commemorate and appreciate all our donors, benefactors and volunteers who have contributed tremendously to the growth of Nalanda Buddhist Society, and to the development of Buddhist education in Malaysia.  Today, 18 March 2023 also marks the 105th birth anniversary of Nalanda’s late Spiritual Advisor, the Most Venerable Kirinde Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Thero, who christened us with the name ‘Nalanda’ exactly 20 years ago.

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14 March 2023

Junior Dhamma School students cultivate respect and gratitude

On 3 to 5 March, 48 students and facilitators from Nalanda Junior Dhamma School spent the school holidays at Nalanda Centre to learn Dhamma and strengthen their bonds with spiritual friends.  Over the three-day programme, the students developed a better understanding of the theme “Three Jewels – My Faith and Refuge”.

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