Happy 54th ‘Malaysia Day’

Happy 54th ‘Malaysia Day’

Today marks the 54th anniversary of the formation of ‘Malaysia’ – a federation of 13 states spanning the Malay Peninsula, Sarawak, and Sabah. It is quite a remarkable achievement for a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation such as ours to remain largely peaceful and harmonious over half a century.

For this, we have to thank the wisdom of the nation’s founding fathers who enshrined freedom of worship and respect for each other in our Constitution. Despite periodic instances of racial discrimination, bigotry, and clashes, Malaysia as a nation has endured. Hence, it is the duty of every Malaysian to safeguard this country’s future by practising tolerance, acceptance, respect, and mutual understanding, so that the peace and prosperity fostered over the decades can be bequeathed to coming generations.

Kampung Cina in Kuala Terengganu.  Malaysia is very rich in multi-ethnic heritage, which has to be respected and preserved, as it forms our nation’s strength.

In September 2013, Nalanda founder Bro.Tan wrote, “All citizens must bear the responsibility of helping Malaysia mature into a prosperous nation optimistic about its future. Towards this end, putting in place a holistic approach in education is essential. Nation-building starts with citizen-building, and that means providing a quality education system that builds character with sound moral values, culture and grace.”

Thus, Nalanda’s message this ‘Malaysia Day’ is to build the country through holistic education. Only when our citizens have established noble characters can our nation be noble too, and become truly respected world-wide. “Dirgahayu Malaysia”!