Happy ‘Malaysia Day’ 2014

Happy ‘Malaysia Day’ 2014

We wish all Malaysians at home and abroad a reflective and joyful celebration of nationhood.

Today, we mark the 51st anniversary of the formation of “Malaysia”.  Our nation was born when the Federation of Malaya merged with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore in 1963.  (Singapore, however left the federation in 1965 to forge its own destiny.)

We have traveled quite a distance down the path of nationhood since then.  We are happy that this multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-cultural country has withstood half a century of trials and tribulation to emerge with a stronger society and economy.  Yet much more needs to be accomplished to bring about well-being for all Malaysians, especially for our countrymen living in the rural interiors, and the urban poor.

Although certain states in Malaysia are highly urbanised, there are still large tracts of under-developed and poverty-stricken rural areas across the country.

Granted, our nation is not perfect.  There are problems and grouses aplenty.  Here, we would like to quote Bro. Tan’s meaningful reminder in his recent National Day speech:

“Other countries may not have the problems Malaysia face; conversely we may not have the problems they face.  Every nation is unique.  Therefore, we should not merely compare with others and complain about our own country.  In any country we live, be proactive in making the environment and community there a better one.”

The nation's capital of Kuala Lumpur - a vibrant and often-frequented city by local and foreign tourists.

Thus on this “Malaysia Day”, we wish all fellow Malaysians at home and abroad a reflective and joyful celebration of nationhood.  Let us live with compatible minds and harmonious hearts to continue our common journey as Malaysians.

“Dirgahayu Malaysia” – Long Live Our Country!