“Happy Young Adults” conclude with forum

“Happy Young Adults” conclude with forum

We thank the panellists, organisers, volunteers and participants of the forum for contributing to this learning platform.

The inaugural “Happy Young Adults” programme concluded last Tuesday 11 October after 11 weekly gatherings to address common challenges faced by young working adults, and how to resolve them skillfully in accordance with Dhamma. The insightful talks and discussions with speakers who exemplify strong values throughout their careers, as well as interactive activities, culminated in a public forum on “Being a Successful Working Buddhist”.

Attended by over 60 youths, forum panellists Datuk Charlie Chia, Dato’ Lewré Lew and Sis. Foo Ai Li shared their diverse experience and perspectives on achieving career success with Dhamma principles. Whether we are an entrepreneur, executive or corporate leader, the cultivation of patience, perseverance, positivity and compassion help us to not only endure through challenges, but also excel in our endeavours.

We thank the speakers and organisers for this enriching learning opportunity at this important juncture of a young adult’s life. The next instalment of “Happy Young Adults” will be hosted by Nalanda Johor Bahru branch. To find out more or register, please click here.

Bro. Sui Lun welcomed everyone to Nalanda Book Cafe Community Centre for the forum.

Datuk Charlie shared that it took many months to connect with a colleague who felt contempt for him. Now, the same person is his good friend.

Dato’ Lew shared his story of entrepreneurship; it took a lot of determination and perseverance before his business took off.

The young working adults listened attentively to the sharing, reflecting on how they themselves can apply the learnings in their careers.

Participants sought the advice of the panellists including on work life balance, overcoming failure and career direction.

Sis. Buddhini Tan, President of the Society, presented tokens of appreciation to the panellists.

With the merits accumulated through their earnest attention and learning, everyone joined in the chanting to dedicate them to all beings.

We thank Mr. Lai (2nd from left) for his support and contributions to both Nalanda Book Cafe and the Community Centre. Sadhu anumodana!