‘Happy Young Adults’ concludes joyfully

‘Happy Young Adults’ concludes joyfully

We thank Dhamma speakers, the organising committee and all participants for making this programme a success.

Just this Tuesday 30 May, the participants of ‘Happy Young Adults’ gathered for the eighth and final session of the programme aimed to help young working adults understand more about themselves and how they can overcome challenges at the workplace.  They have been learning from seasoned professionals who are also Dhamma practitioners over the last two months about various aspects of managing their lives.

At every session, participants were able to share their worries and concerns at work, which resonated with many others.  They were relieved that they were not alone and appreciated the strength and support of friends.  Many feedback that they felt energized at each session even after a hectic day at work.

Bro. Siang Chye talks about having true inner confidence.

Sis. Buddhini shares about the commonly asked question of ambition vs contentment.

Sis. Hui Shien talks about our mindset in order to work well with others.

Sis. Paru wraps up the sessions with a talk on how to live a meaningful life.

At the start of each session, participants calm their minds with a short meditation sitting.

We rejoice in their growth and camaraderie over the sessions, as well as their confidence in progressing at work guided by Dhamma principles.  We welcome and hope that you will join us for more Dhamma learning programmes moving forward, towards a more meaningful life.  Sadhu anumodana!

After the meditation, participants pay homage to the Three Jewels and take the Five Precepts.

After the meditation, participants pay homage to the Three Jewels and take the Five Precepts.

Discussions also help them know that they are not alone in facing challenges at work.

A hands-on activity to test the theories which they learned.

Having good friends who can help us become better people is a blessing.

Participants enjoy the camaraderie with each other.

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