‘Happy Young Adults’ programme comes to a joyful conclusion

‘Happy Young Adults’ programme comes to a joyful conclusion

We thank the organisers, panelists and participants for making this forum a fruitful and meaningful learning session.

On 27 June, the “Happy Young Adults” programme of 2023 culminated in a public forum on “Achieve Career Success NOW”, after eight weekly sessions to address common challenges faced by young working adults.

Organised by Nalanda Youth Centre, over 50 youths learned from forum panellists Bro. Benny Liow, Bro. Lee Kong Foo and Sis. Livin Leow who shared their diverse experience and perspectives on navigating challenges towards a successful career with Dhamma principles.

Bro. Benny Liow shares his career challenges and how he managed them.

Nalanda members and youths welcome our panelists and speakers.

The session starts with Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels and undertaking the Five Precepts.

Sis. Pei Qi, the forum moderator, introduces the panel speakers.

Bro. Lee Kong Foo spoke about how he upheld Dhamma principles and the positive impact on his work.

We thank the organisers for these enriching learning opportunities for our young friends in their journey of establishing their careers.  We also wish all participants success in maneuvering their careers in order to achieve overall well-being.

Sis. Livin Leow assures the participants that whilst there are ‘downs’ in life, we can overcome them with perseverance.

The young working adults enjoyed the candidness and humour of the panelists.

Participants also asked question on challenges more pertinent to them.

Sis. Paru wrapped up the session with advice on how to live our lives more meaningfully.

The group shared merits at the conclusion.

Sis. Buddhini presented tokens of appreciation to the panelists and to Mr. Lai (most left).