Heartfelt gratitude at volunteer appreciation today

Heartfelt gratitude at volunteer appreciation today

We thank all volunteers and supporters who were here today, and also those who could not be with us for their untiring efforts in the Family Fun Fair.

Today, over 350 members, devotees, youths and Dhamma School students gathered for a special session to thank all volunteers and supporters of the recent Family Fun Fair.  Chairman of the Fair, Bro. Vincent Lim extended his deepest gratitude on behalf of the society, citing that it is through the collective efforts of everyone that made the event such a meaningful one for all who joined us.

Volunteers shared their gratitude for the care and kindness of everyone they worked with, as well as expressed their thankfulness for this opportunity to grow their skills, and involve their loved ones to come and do good together.  President Sis. Buddhini Tan rejoiced over the testimonies, sharing that this joy and gratitude is grounded by selfless mindsets of generosity and serving others.  These experiences deepen our core values and virtues, as well as transforms us to not simply consume, but find joy in giving without expectations.

Chairman of the Fun Fair, Bro. Vincent personally thanked each of the teams which upheld their duties with care.

Everyone rejoiced in the video of the Fun Fair which captured precious memories and joy.

Bro. Tong hosted the event which was attended by members, devotees, youths, students, volunteers and stall operators.

“It was a priceless learning experience for me to grow so that I can better serve the Sasana.”

The youths led the challenging task of washing recyclables without complaining, but with much gusto.

With humility and gratitude, we extend our appreciation to everyone who have made such earnest efforts to support the Family Fun Fair.  Your efforts enable us to continue offering Buddhist education for free to all learners.  As this deep joy of service and giving lingers on, let us persist on our spiritual journey for the benefit of many beings.  Sadhu anumodana!

Dhamma School facilitators marvelled at the efforts of the students.

Sharing by a student from the Dhamma School

Sis. Buddhini said that this platform enabled families to come together for a wholesome cause, and enable Dhamma programmes to be offered to the community.

Sis. Evelyn personally thanking stall operators for the support.

Youths serving lunch to everyone.

A simple lunch to thank all our volunteers and supporters.