Honoured to welcome Phra Ajahns to Nalanda

Honoured to welcome Phra Ajahns to Nalanda

Members and volunteers receiving venerable monks upon their arrival.

Less than an hour ago, Nalanda members and volunteers warmly welcomed venerable monks of the Ajahn Chah lineage at Nalanda Centre.  Luang Por Lai Thīpadhammo was accompanied by Luang Por Sawang, Luang Por Charlie, Ajahn Dton and Ajahn Meng, on a Dhamma tour around Malaysia and Singapore.

We invite you to join us tonight, to learn from Luang Por Lai Thīpadhammo who will be giving a Dhamma talk at 8pm, with Ajahn Dton as his translator.  Let us make time for these precious opportunities to associate with and learn from the wise.  We look forward to welcome you to Nalanda!

Venerable monks paying their respects at the Main Shrine.

Sis. Nandini leads devotees to pay respects and welcome Ajahns.

Bro. Ajit explaining a certain feature of the shrine hall to Ajahns.

Luang Por Lai Thīpadhammo appreciating a Buddhism artwork.

Ajahns listening mindfully to Bro. Ajit’s narration.