Honouring our mothers while helping Mother Earth

We invite you to sponsor trees to be planted in Wisdom Park in honour of your mother.

This weekend, we shall be celebrating Mother’s Day where we pay tribute to their sacrifices and support over the years. Mothers are just like Earth in terms of their patient endurance and generosity in providing us with what we need to grow through life. Therefore, have you ever thought of honouring your mother and help Mother Earth at the same time?

We would like to offer everyone the opportunity to sponsor a tree for planting in Wisdom Park in honour of your mother (or mother-in-law). Our dedicated “green warrior” volunteers will help to plant the sponsored trees from 9 May onwards. The various species of trees planted will help restore the local ecosystem and provide safe refuge for birds, insects and other wildlife.


Sponsor RM120 per tree to be planted in Wisdom Park in honour of your mother. Donations can be transferred to:

“Nalanda Buddhist Society”
Maybank account number : 5121-4702-3622


Please provide your name and the name of your mother when you make the donation. Kindly state the purpose of donation as: “Sponsor tree planting”.

Thank you all for the kind support. Together we shall adopt a ‘green’ way to pay tribute to our mothers, and rejuvenate Mother Earth, too.


NOTE: Father’s Day sponsorship of tree-planting will be available in June.