Honouring the Three Jewels on ‘Sangha Day’

Honouring the Three Jewels on ‘Sangha Day’

Nalandians extending their well wishes and gratitude to Bhante Lim.

On Saturday 16 November, devotees observed ‘Sangha Day’ at Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch by learning Dhamma and honouring the Sangha.  We joyfully welcomed Bhante Lim of Dhammavana Meditation (Bukit Mertajam) Centre who delivered a Dhamma talk.

As practitioners, we must keep our Five Precepts well to develop the right conditions for our spiritual progress.  We should also learn, understand and follow the Noble Eightfold Path to eventually be free from suffering.  Bhante advised us to always be mindful of our thoughts, speech and actions.  When the mind wanders, we consistently bring it back to the present.

Branch Chairman Dr. Song receiving Bhante Lim at NEO Centre.

Members updating Bhante on the Society’s progress.

Devotees pay respect to the Three Jewels at the start of the service.

Bhante Lim advises us to always be mindful and keep our Five Precepts well.

By keeping our Five Precepts well, we develop the right conditions for our spiritual progress.

Nalanda officers represent the Branch and devotees in offering requisites to Bhante.

The service concluded with offering of lunch dana to Bhante Lim, and lunch for all devotees.

Devotees rejoiced in the opportunity to offer requisites and dana to Bhante Lim after his talk.  We thank Bhante for his compassion in sharing the Dhamma with us and wish him good health.