Hosting 12 Sri Lankan scholar monks

Hosting 12 Sri Lankan scholar monks

We thank venerable monks for coming to visit us at Nalanda.

On Sunday 7 May, Nalanda members and volunteers were honoured to welcome 12 monks from Sri Lanka, who are on a study tour courtesy hosted by Maha Karuna Buddhist Society.  The young members of the Sangha are top scholars in Buddhist and Pali studies and are visiting Malaysia for the first time.

Venerable monks were brought on a tour of the Centre and visited the special exhibitions set up to commemorate Buddha Day and Nalanda’s 20th Anniversary.  Having learnt more about the Society’s programmes and educational principles, they extended blessing and kind words of encouragement for us to continue our efforts to help the community learn Dhamma and live a more purposeful life.

Members sheltering the monks upon their arrival.

Devotees welcome venerable sirs respectfully.

Making offerings at the Main Altar at Nalanda Centre.

Sis. Buddhini leads members and devotees to welcome the monks.

Bro. Charlie leads the building tour.

We extend our thanks to our Spiritual Advisor, Ven. Sri Saranankara for arranging this visit.  We wish the young monks well and may their educational and spiritual endeavours bear fruits, for their own progress as well as for the prolongation of the Sāsana.  May venerable sirs be well and happy.  Sukhihontu.

The group visiting the Buddha Jayanti Exhibition, which is set up by Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators and students.

Dhamma School teenager shares the programmes organised by the school.

Venerable sirs paid homage at the shrine of Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda.

Monks extended their thanks and chanted blessings.

The group continued the tour at K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

Venerable monks chanted blessings for the group.

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