Hosting Ajahn Dhammasīha at Wisdom Park

Hosting Ajahn Dhammasīha at Wisdom Park

Members and volunteers are happy for the opportunity to host and learn from Ajahn Dhammasīha.

On Saturday 20 January, we joyfully welcomed Ajahn Dhammasīha, Abbot of Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage, in Brisbane, Australia to Wisdom Park.  In this short visit on his transit from Thailand, Ajahn toured the educational campus with members, who shared the Park’s objectives and Dhamma programmes hosted here.

Ajahn Dhammasīha advised that the process of planning and constructing facilities such as these serves as a platform for those involved to cultivate in Dhamma.  Whether we are dealing with engineers, contractors or workers, we can continuously develop our mindfulness of action and speech in order to yield beneficial results for all involved.

Bro. Charlie Teng, Deputy President of the Society, shared about the various buildings and facilities at Wisdom Park.

Having a chat with Ajahn upon his arrival.

Dr. Chen who leads the Landscaping Team at Wisdom Park shares about the various species of trees planted there.

Ajahn Dhammasīha also shared about the constant practice of humility which is important for us to progress spiritually.

Ajahn also rejoiced in the knowledge that Wisdom Park facilities are offered free of charge for the Buddhist community to hold programmes in line with the Park’s objectives.  We are grateful to Ajahn Dhammasīha for coming to visit us again and for his kind blessings for the smooth operations of Wisdom Park.  May Ajahn have good health and all the right supporting conditions for his noble endeavours.

Sis. Nandini Tan shares about the past and upcoming programmes.

Ajahn chants blessings for the smooth running of this campus dedicated to training Buddhist leaders and Dhamma teachers.