Hosting Chanmyay Sayadaw at Wisdom Park

Hosting Chanmyay Sayadaw at Wisdom Park

Nalanda members and volunteers are very appreciative of this opportunity to host Chanmyay Sayadaw and venerable members of the Sangha at Wisdom Park.

Just yesterday, Saturday 15 July, Nalanda members and volunteers were honoured to welcome and host Ven. U Janakābhivaṃsa, fondly known as Chanmyay Sayadaw and accompanying Sangha members at Wisdom Park. Chanmyay Sayadaw is a senior Burmese monk who practised Vipassana meditation under the instruction of the most Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, and has been teaching meditation for over 55 years.

After Chanmyay Sayadaw toured the campus, he remarked on the potential of Wisdom Park to benefit so many Dhamma learners and practitioners, for many decades to come. He also encouraged us to continue in our mission of holistic education and propagating Dhamma with energetic effort.

Welcoming venerable monks at the Main Shrine Hall.

Members and volunteers paying their respects to Chanmyay Sayadaw.

Sayadaw tours the campus in the company of members and volunteers.

Everyone was in joyful spirits during the campus tour.

Sis. Paru and Sis. Livin brought Sayalay Tin Tin Htwe on the campus tour.

We thank Chanmyay Sayadaw, Sayadaw U Rewata, Sayadaw Ashin Pannyathara, Sayadaw Sacca Nanda and Sayalay Tin Tin Htwe for visiting us at Wisdom Park, and for your kind words and encouragement. We wish venerable Sangha members good health and success in your noble endeavours. Sadhu!

Devotees offered lunch dana to Chanmyay Sayadaw with much gratitude and respect.

Devotees then offered meal dana to Sayadaw U Rewata, Sayadaw Ashin Pannyathara and Sayadaw Sacca Nanda.

Chanmyay Sayadaw gives his ovada to avoid all evil, do all good and purify the mind.

Offerings of navakama (requisite) to the Sangha members.

Bro. Chim, the president of Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, who arranged for this trip, conveyed his thanks to the group for their hospitality and hosting.

Members and volunteers sending off our esteemed guests.

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