Hosting Ven. Sujiva at Nalanda

Hosting Ven. Sujiva at Nalanda

Devotees were grateful for the opportunity to learn from Ven. Sujiva in person at Nalanda Centre.

On Sunday 30 October, Nalanda was honoured to host Ven. Sujiva for a Dhamma talk in his maiden visit to Nalanda Centre.  Many devotees including leaders from the Buddhist community rejoiced in the opportunity to welcome and meet Ven. Sujiva as he had been based in Europe and USA over the past 20 years.  Prior to that, Venerable had taught meditation in Santisukharama Hermitage in Kota Tinggi, Johor and held many retreats throughout Malaysia.

In his talk, Venerable spoke on the subject of ‘anatta’ (non-self), one of the three characteristics of existence.  This principle highlights that there is no unchanging or permanent self.  To understand that, we need to immerse ourselves in the cultivation of the mind.  Venerable then gave an explanation on the qualities of ‘samattha’ and ‘vipassana’ and their differences in cultivating our minds.

Nalandians greet Ven. Sujiva at the front of Nalanda Centre.

Members and devotees pay their respects to Ven. Sujiva and warmly welcome him to Nalanda.

The congregation respectfully welcomes Ven. Sujiva and invites him to give a Dhamma talk.

By having proper practice of vipassana, we gradually gain insight and understanding of the real nature of things, that of ‘anatta’.  You may re-visit Venerable’s full talk on Nalanda’s YouTube channel .

We thank Ven. Sujiva for visiting us at Nalanda, and hope to have more opportunities in the future to learn meditation under Venerable’s guidance.  We also wish Venerable the blessings of good health, long life and happiness.

Ven. Sujiva advised us to train ourselves day by day and be persistent in our practice, so that we can eventually see the truths taught by the Buddha.

Devotees asked Ven. Sujiva questions on the topic of ‘Anatta‘ as well as on meditation.

We are grateful to Ven. Sujiva for accepting this meal offering from all of us.

Nalandians seek Ven. Sujiva’s advice and make offerings to venerable sir.

We thank Ven. Sujiva for coming to visit us at Nalanda Centre.