Indian monks and youths joined ‘Pindacāra’ programme

Indian monks and youths joined ‘Pindacāra’ programme

Ven. Vimalacitta and Ven. Dhammananda from Ladakh joined in the educational alms-round programme in March 2018.

The ‘Pindacāra’ (alms-round) held on 3 March was indeed a joyous occasion as two young bhikkhus and 17 Buddhist youth leaders from India joined devotees in this monthly programme.  The bhikkhus and youths were in Malaysia for 10 days as part of the “Jambudvipa-Suvarnabhumi Buddhist Youth Exchange Programme”, which is Nalanda Buddhist Society’s long-term mission to help revitalize the proper learning and practice of Buddhism in its land of origin – India.

Nalanda and Indian youths helping out in the monthly alms-round at Happy Garden market.

Venerable K. Dhammika from Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Sentul led the ‘Pindacāra’.  Devotees were seen joyfully waiting for their turns to offer alms-food. After the alms-round, devotees and members congregated at NEO Centre Happy Garden for Dhamma sharing by Sister Sunandā Ong, followed by a Q & A session organised by the youths.  The wholesome morning ended with the offering of lunch dāna to the venerable monks and a group photograph session to record these happy memories.

Chairman of Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch Bro. Ng leading the congregation in chanting.

Next Alms-round :

We joyfully invite everyone to participate in our next educational ‘Pindacāra’ at Taman O.U.G. and Happy Garden markets this Saturday, 7 April, starting at 8.30am.  You may bring cooked vegetarian food as offerings to Sangha members.  Bring along your family members and friends to participate in this wholesome act.  If you would like to volunteer your services, kindly contact Bro. Ng at 012-273-9787.  Thank you and see you!