Indonesia Sangha members visit Nalanda

Indonesia Sangha members visit Nalanda

We were very happy to host venerable monks from Indonesia at Nalanda.

On 3 to 4 February, Nalanda members were privileged to host 11 monks from the ‘Sangha Theravada Indonesia’ (STI) and 5 Indonesian friends on a visit to Nalanda.  The monks hailed from various provinces across the Indonesian islands, where they have been serving the local communities under the guidance of the Sangha Governance Council of STI.

On this short but fruitful trip, the monks visited Wisdom Park to know more about this educational campus dedicated to developing Dhamma teachers and Buddhist leaders.  At Nalanda Centre, they were also brought on a tour to discover the rich Buddhist symbolism incorporated into its interior design.  Members and volunteers also had the opportunity to learn from the Sangha members in Dhamma discussions as well as Q&A sessions.

Sis. Nandini leads the group to welcome venerables to Wisdom Park.

A photo opportunity with venerable sirs after visiting the Management Centre.

Dr. Chen provides an explanation of the trees planted there.

Nalanda members guided the monks on a tour at Wisdom Park.

We rejoice in the opportunity to host venerable sirs, who embodied the spirit of ‘metta’ (loving-kindness) and ‘samaggi’ (unity and concord).  We hope that venerables will visit us again when they travel to Malaysia so that we may continue to learn from them.  May venerable sirs be blessed with good health, and success in their noble endeavours.  “Salam metta dari umat Nalanda”.

Venerable monks lead the evening chanting and meditation.

Offering of requisites out of gratitude, to venerable sirs.

A Dhamma chat with Ven. Jayasilo.

A Q&A session with Ven. Dr. Santacitto.

Venerable sirs paying respects at the Main Shrine in Nalanda Centre.

A building tour around Nalanda Centre was led by Bro. Charlie.

Venerables also visited Nalanda Youth Centre.

Nalanda leaders and members thanked venerable sirs for visiting us.