Inspiring Dhamma-connections in Indonesia

Inspiring Dhamma-connections in Indonesia

"Seeing through the 'Lens of Dhamma' helps to develop spiritual growth and awakening, with the arising of true knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment," explained Bro. Tan

Bro. Tan was warmly hosted by the Buddhist Fellowship of Indonesia (BFI) for 3 days, where he conducted Dhamma sharings and attended many meetings with BFI Committee Members. There were many precious, inspiring moments when people were connected to the Dhamma through those sharings and meetings.

Participating in the 'Kathina' Celebration at Vihara Theravada Buddha Sasana, Jakarta, on 15 November.

Upon arrival on 15 November, Bro. Tan headed straight to a meeting with the BFI leadership to discuss organizational renewal. In the evening, Bro. Tan joined the BFI team to participate in the ‘Kathina Ceremony’ at Vihara Theravada Buddha Sasana in Kelapa Gading, where he met with Venerables Sukhemo, Paññavaro, and Jotidhammo Nayaka Theras.

On 16 November, Bro.Tan gave a public talk at Amarin Restaurant in Central Jakarta to an appreciative audience. The talk was well-received and many interesting questions were raised during the Q&A Session. It has been a truly hectic but productive time for Bro. Tan in Jakarta. Sadhu anumodana.

Bro.Tan taking a 'family portrait' with the Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia team after the public talk.