Inspiring leaders’ tour visiting Thai forest teachers

Inspiring leaders’ tour visiting Thai forest teachers

Upon arrival in Bangkok, the leaders travelled to Wat Pah Cittabhavanaram in Pathum Thani to pay their respects to its Abbot Luang Por Piak.

From 5 – 8 April, 8 Nalanda leaders from the Management and Education divisions had the privilege and honour of visiting four Kruba Ajahns in Thailand – Ajahn Jayasāro, Ajahn Nyanadhammo, Luang Por Ganha, and Luang Por Piak.

The learning trip was held in conjunction with Nalanda’s 20th anniversary; after two decades of service, it was timely to pay respect to our teachers who have supported us all these years and draw from their wisdom the direction in leading our community for the coming decades.

Paying their respects to Luang Por Piak, a student of the late Ajahn Chah.

Taking every opportunity to make merits with offerings to a great teacher.

A fruitful discussion with Luang Por Piak on our spiritual practice. Luang Por advised the leaders to develop ‘nibbida’ –disenchantment with sensual pleasures so that we can pursue what is really essential.

Nalanda leaders travelled to Pak Chong to pay their respects to Ajahn Jayasāro.

Ajahn Jayasāro graciously spent almost 2 hours answering the queries of the leaders on a pertinent issues regarding Buddhist education, community leadership and spiritual practice.

Nalanda leaders had the opportunity to have private sessions with the great teachers to ask pertinent questions about Buddhist education, community leadership, and spiritual practice.  The vast experience, deep wisdom and skillfulness of the Kruba Ajahns were truly insightful, uplifting the leaders with deeper inspiration and vision to continue leading the Nalanda community.

We thank Ajahn Jayasāro, Ajahn Nyanadhammo, Luang Por Ganha, and Luang Por Piak for allowing our leaders to have an audience with them, and sharing their words of wisdom.  Special thanks to Bro. Sian Ma and Sis. Toon as well, for making this trip a possibility.

Ajahn had given the leaders true blessings, that of deep wisdom shared from his vast experience and exemplified by his decades of practice.

Nalanda leaders were also taken on tour of Panyaprateep School. The boarding school is led by Ajahn Jayasāro who spearheads a version of Thai secular education embedded with Buddhist values and wisdom, while inculcating critical thinking skills.

Nalanda leaders journeyed to Wat Ratanawan to pay their respects to its Abbot Ajahn Nyanadhammo, who coincidentally ordained at the same time as Ajahn Jayasaro in 1979.

Ajahn Nyanadhammo spent more than an hour with Nalanda leaders answering questions about spiritual practice. He shared many anecdotes from his library of experiences that gave new perspectives on looking at issues with the lens of Dhamma.

Nalanda leaders also took the opportunity to pay their respects to Luang Por Ganha, Abbot of Wat Pah Subthawee Dhammaram.

May the leaders of Nalanda continue to lead the community towards a more hopeful and brighter future!  Buddha-sāsanam ciram titthatu.

Visiting the ruins of an ancient Ayutthaya temple.

Group photo with Khun Nu, the driver who ferried the leaders throughout the trip safely and taking good care of their needs.

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