Inspiring ‘Mangala Sutta’ Course in Singapore

Inspiring ‘Mangala Sutta’ Course in Singapore

A packed hall of participants listened attentively to Bro.Tan's talk throughout the day.

On Saturday 30 November, Bro. Tan was invited to Buddhist Fellowship Singapore to conduct a commentarial course on ‘Mangala Sutta’ (the famous “Discourse on Highest Blessings”).  150 participants from 6 countries, including 14 Nalandians from Serdang and Johor Bahru, took part in the day-long course.

Bro. Tan started by explaining clearly that blessings cannot be ‘granted’ by a ‘higher power’, nor can it be obtained through performing rituals.  True blessings as the Buddha taught are gained through righteous living and wise conduct, as progressively enumerated in the ‘Mangala Sutta’. At the end of the 8-hour course, participants were most appreciative of the Dhamma learned, and of the understanding attained.

The commentarial course was full of light moments and personal anecdotes that made learning a pleasure and a breeze.

This was the second course conducted by Bro. Tan at the Buddhist Fellowship this year, the first being a commentary on ‘Metta Sutta’ (“Discourse on Loving-kindness”) in April.  We thank the Buddhist Fellowship, Bro Jerry Ong and family, Bro. Teo Yew Thong and family, and many other kind BF members for graciously hosting Bro. Tan and other Nalandians in Singapore.  We were all inspired by the Dhamma teaching, and touched by your wonderful hospitality!  Sadhu anumodana.

Group photograph with BF youths (left) and leaders (right) after the course.