International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Women's Day 2017.

Let us honour and celebrate the pivotal role of women in all aspects of human development.

Nalanda celebrates and pays tribute to the pivotal role of women in all aspects of human civilization and development.  Happy Women’s Day!


To achieve a balance in material and spiritual progress, women must exert greater influence upon our development agenda…  Mothers are often the guardians and depository of family traditions and spirituality; thus they have immense, but often under-represented potential, to bring about greater well-being to society…

– Bro. Tan, Speech at the United Nation’s “International Women’s Day Celebration”; Bangkok, March 2007.


Mothers are our first teachers, and often, a refuge for many of us in want.  Mothers and sisters should therefore be empowered with skills and spiritual awareness to exert positive influence upon society.  They truly have the potential to inspire change to achieve greater well-being for all.”

– Bro. Tan, Speech on “Women’s Day Celebration”; Kuala Lumpur, March 2014.