Join us for Buddha day programmes at Nalanda (B.E. 2568)

Join us for Buddha day programmes at Nalanda (B.E. 2568)

Today is the start of the holy Wesak month and in just two weeks time, Buddhists around the world will be commemorating the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment.  This year’s Buddha Day Observance at Nalanda carries the theme of ‘Peace Begins with Me’, and we invite you to come explore how we can cultivate and strengthen serenity within so that harmony and goodwill can abound around us.

Buddha Day Eve Service
Tuesday, 21 May | 8pm – 10pm

On the eve of Buddha Day, join us for a tranquil evening of meditation and learning. The service starts at 8pm and features a Dhamma talk by Sis. Paruadi Ramasamy, loving-kindness cultivation and Buddha Day eve chanting.


Buddha Day
Wednesday, 22 May | 7am – 10pm

7.00am – Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) in Sri Serdang.

9.00am – Buddha Pūja, followed by a Dhamma talk by Bro. Tan Siang Chye.

11.30am – Offering of Lunch dana to the Sangha & lunch for devotees

2.30pm – Meditation session

3.00pm – Sutta Study

5.30pm – Mass Food Offering to devotees and the community.

7.30pm – Heritage Procession, a unique cultural and spiritual experience where the Buddharupam is conveyed on a wooden sedan by traditionally dressed devotees, to the harmonious beating of drums and gongs. This will be followed by Dhamma Appreciation Night, hosted by Nalanda Dhamma School and Nalanda Youth Centre.


Young Working Adults Forum
Thursday, 23 May | 8pm – 10pm

We invite young working adults of ages 23 to 35 to come and learn from seasoned corporate and professionals on fostering harmony at work. Register here now.


Film Screening & Director’s Sharing – ‘Dhammayatra’ 正觉之道
Friday, 24 May | 8pm – 10pm

‘Dhammayatra’ is a spiritual pilgrimage to retrace the path taken by our Enlightened Teacher 2,600 years ago, and to discover the timeless beauty and efficacy of His marvellous teachings.


Youth Cultivation Day
Saturday, 25 May | 9am – 4pm

Ajahn Dton Dhirapanno, the co-abbot of Wat Pah Boon Lorm and a monk in the Thai Forest Tradition will be conducting the Youth Cultivation Day for students of ages 16 to 23.  Take this opportunity to join us for a day of mental cultivation featuring insightful talks, fellowship activities and tranquil meditation sessions. Register here now.


Peace Walk at NEO Centre, Happy Garden
Saturday, 25 May | 6pm – 10pm

Join the Buddha Day ‘Peace Walk’ in Happy Garden, organised by Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch. The programme will commence at 6pm with light refreshments followed by a Dhamma talk at 6.30pm. The serene ‘Peace Walk’ around the housing community will start at 7.30pm.


Dhamma Talk in Mandarin
Sunday, 26 May | 9am – 12pm

The Sunday Morning Service on 26 May starts at 9am with meditation, chanting followed by a Dhamma talk in Mandarin by Bro. Aggaphala Yap.


Blood Donation
Sunday, 26 May | 10am – 4pm

Join the Blood Donation Drive, a wholesome deed one can perform this Wesak. Please register at this link to book a suitable slot.


21 – 26 May | 10am – 4pm

‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition

This annual exhibition prepared by Nalanda Dhamma school facilitators and students illustrate messages of the Dhamma through visual and interactive presentations.

Wisdom Park Exhibition

Get the latest progress updates on the development of this integrated education facility, equipped for the development of competent Dhamma teachers and leaders.