12 May 2024

10 days to Buddha Day : eve service & Dhamma talk by Sis. Paruadi

Buddha Day is just 10 days away, and we invite you to join the host of programmes at Nalanda from 21 to 26 May.  We will be sharing these programmes over the next week, and we invite you together with your family and friends to come and spend this auspicious observance in a meaningful way. 

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8 May 2024

Join us for Buddha day programmes at Nalanda (B.E. 2568)

Today is the start of the holy Wesak month and in just two weeks time, Buddhists around the world will be commemorating the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment.  This year’s Buddha Day Observance at Nalanda carries the theme of ‘Peace Begins with Me’, and we invite you to come explore how we can cultivate and strengthen serenity within so that harmony and goodwill can abound around us.

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