Joy in ‘Completing’ a Wholesome Deed

4 May 2013 marked the first anniversary of Nalanda’s Monthly Pindacāra (alms-round) Programme at the Taman O.U.G. morning market. Devotees and volunteers gathered for the morning chanting and invocation at NEO Centre Happy Garden to calm their minds and reaffirm their wholesome aspirations before embarking for the alms-round with the venerable bhikkhus.

Bro. Tan explaining the true meaning of piti (joy).

After completing the Pindacāra, devotees reconvened at the NEO Centre where Bro. Tan gave a Dhamma teaching on the significance and importance of one’s full participation in any wholesome activity, such as the Pindacāra programme. Good at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end, if done well and whole-heartedly with presence of mind (not just body), the joy that arises is felt ‘deeper’ and is longer lasting.  It is also critical to reflect properly on what has been done well, what was ill-done, and what should not have been done.  In this way, we can enhance our insight and understanding, giving rise to wisdom.

Properly considering the use of food for the nourishment and sustenance of this body, for keeping it healthy, and for continuing with the noble way of life.

Come and join us in joyfully offering alms-food to monks on Pindacāra at these locations on the following dates :

Taman Sri Serdang (Nalanda Centre) – Fridays, 17 & 24 May (Wesak Day)

Jalan Besar morning market, Seri Kembangan – Saturday, 18 May

Taman Johor Jaya (NEO Centre Johor Bahru) – Sunday, 26 May

Taman O.U.G. (NEO Centre Happy Garden) – Saturday, 1 June

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