Joyful ‘Dhamma’ gathering in Kedah

Joyful ‘Dhamma’ gathering in Kedah

The audience listening appreciatively to Bro.Tan’s down-to-earth yet profound Dhamma Talk.

A packed hall of participants attended Bro. Tan’s Dhamma Talk in Sungai Petani on Friday, 13 September 2013.  Devotees from as far as Penang and Alor Setar came to listen to the teachings at Central Kedah Buddhist Association.  Bro. Tan spoke about the way to approach Dhamma – that is neither “landing short” of it, nor “over-reaching” it.  The Buddha-Dhamma is defined as a “Way leading to the cessation of craving, through gradual learning, practice and realization”.

It is common for people to adhere to views and to form belief systems.  But Buddha-Dhamma is neither a belief, nor is it a religion.  Thus one should not blindly believe in one’s own views as the ‘Truth’ without proper learning and investigation.  Bro. Tan also quoted the similes of the ‘blind men describing an elephant’ and ‘the man searching for heartwood’ to illustrate the point.

Kedahan Buddhist community leaders with Bro.Tan and Ajahn Malee Praison from Thailand (far right), and Bro.Khaw Seng Giap, Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch Pro-tem Chairman (far left).

There was all-round appreciation for Bro. Tan’s down-to-earth yet profound teaching.  It was also a joyous occasion for Kedahan devotees, as members from at least 7 temples gathered in one hall to honour and celebrate the Dhamma!  Sadhu anumodana.

Sis. Gan Bee Ching from Penang presenting a book to Pustaka Nalanda after Bro.Tan’s Dhamma Talk.