Joyous gathering of Nalanda KL members

Joyous gathering of Nalanda KL members

We thank members, benefactors and volunteers for their support in redeveloping NEO KL.

On Saturday 30 July, Nalanda KL Branch hosted their first Members’ Day of the year. The meeting started with a site visit at Nalanda Education and Outreach Centre, KL where members rejoiced in the updates on its redevelopment works.

They adjourned to Nalanda Book Café Community Centre to discuss plans leading up to the Centre’s expected completion. Everyone was grateful to be able to play their part to support the Centre’s relaunching – its expansion will enable more people to learn Dhamma and inculcate wholesome values into their lives.

Bro. Ng explained the layout of the new Centre which can cater to over 200 Dhamma learners.

Member chanted the ‘Karaniya Metta Sutta’ at the construction site.

We thank the Branch Committee and Members for the invaluable roles they have undertaken to serve the community’s present and future needs. Join us to also send thoughts of loving-kindness to the contractors and workers for the smooth and safe completion of the project.

Bro. Yong, Chair of the Branch Committee, welcomed members to their first Members’ Day.

Sis. Buddhini, representative of the Society’s EXCO welcomed everyone back to their spiritual home, where we have the support of kalyana mittas.

Sis. Ovia shared her experience in having good friends on this spiritual path.

We look forward to future Dhamma programmes at NEO KL, organised with the kind efforts and support of KL Branch members.