Jubilant New Year’s Dinner!

Jubilant New Year’s Dinner!

The ‘Welcoming Team’ for our dinner guests and devotees.

On 2 January 2015, Nalandians from all over the country gathered for New Year’s dinner together.  The atmosphere was joyous and festive as new and old friends exchanged warm greetings and reconnected with each other.   

The highlights of the evening included an entertaining sketch by Nalandians from Johor, accompanied by uproarious laughter from the audience.  Kedahan members then took to the stage to perform an uplifting song, “You Raise Me Up”, which moved other Nalandians to join in and sing along. 

An entertaining sketch by Nalandians from Johor Bahru branch.

It was a wonderful reunion indeed for Nalandians from all over Malaysia.  May the good friendship continue to blossom; may the Dhamma ever flourish!

Other Nalandians were moved by the uplifting song, “You Raise Me Up” performed by the Kedahan members.