Keep calm and stay safe

Let us also send thoughts of gratitude and loving-kindness to our front-liners who have gone beyond their duty in this fight against the pandemic.

Covid-19 cases have breached the 100-million mark worldwide and more than 2.1 million people have succumbed to the disease.  Daily, almost half a million people are newly infected globally.  Here in Malaysia, we are experiencing some of the highest numbers of new infections each day.  In this time of uncertainty, many of us may be worried or upset by various news, broadcasts or opinions we receive.

If we find our thoughts proliferating and generating unfounded fears, gently bring our minds to the present by taking a deep breath.  Focus on breathing in and breathing out to calm ourselves.  The future isn’t created in our minds, but influenced by our actions today.  Think instead on what we can do that are wholesome and helpful.  For example, it may be more helpful to redirect our efforts from agitation to calling up a friend who may be going through a particularly difficult time and let them know someone cares.

Let us also do what we can to bring down the number of new infections as responsible citizens.  Continue following the SOPs diligently such as staying home where possible, upholding physical distancing in public, and maintaining good hygiene.  Every effort we make as responsible citizens counts and contributes to the collective well-being of our nation.  May you and your families stay well and safe.