Keep everyone safe with compassion

We can help curtail the spread of Covid-19 by maintaining good personal hygiene and practising social distancing in public.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage nations across the world causing nearly 1.3 million infections and 70,000 deaths to date.  More than half of humanity is under lock-down with orders to stay home.  The scale of devastation of this epidemic is unprecedented in human history.

However, in certain countries and communities, we are seeing positive signs that this contagion can be effectively contained.  Health experts point out two very important factors that can help curtail the spread of Covid-19: (1) maintaining good personal hygiene, and (2) practising social distancing – staying at least 6 feet or 1.8 m away from another person.

Nonetheless, it is important to maintain social distance out of compassion for ourselves and other people, and not out of fear.  While keeping each other safe, we should also cleanse our minds from prejudice, anxiety and anger.

Stay mentally positive!  Turn your anxieties into compassion and gratitude instead.

Let us maintain positive spirits while working from home, and be thoughtful and sympathetic while staying together with others.  Spare kind thoughts for all victims of the virus, and others who are working at the front-lines to help them.  Turn your anxieties into compassion and gratitude instead.  By our combined efforts, we shall be able to overcome this affliction, and humanity shall ultimately prevail.  Stay safe and healthy everyone!