Kelantanese Visitors at Nalanda Centre

On Saturday, 31 August, Nalanda received a visit from the Persatuan Buddha Wakaf Bharu Dhamma Class.  The 47 Kelantanese Dhamma Class teachers and students were on an excursion to gain a better understanding and more exposure to the wider Buddhist community in Kuala Lumpur.

The visitors were brought around a tour of Nalanda Centre in small groups by Nalanda Officers. Nalanda’s Honorary Secretary Sis. Buddhini later hosted the lovely group for tea and dinner. Bro.Tan also spoke briefly to the teachers and students in thick Kelantanese accent, advising the youngsters to treasure their complementary education at the Dhamma School.

The Kelantanese Dhamma Class students were brought on a tour of Nalanda Centre.

As the visit serendipitously coincided with the “Young Buddhist Quiz”, the visitors joined in to witness and celebrate the friendly and meaningful competition.  It was an eye-opening and enjoyable outing indeed for our Kelantanese youths!  Thank you for visiting Nalanda Centre, and we hope to see you again soon!