Launching of ‘Buddha Day’ theme

In conjunction with the launching, we have invited Bro.Tan to give a Dhamma talk on ‘achieving tranquility’.  All are welcome to tune in!

This Thursday 30 April, we invite everyone to go “live” on Nalanda Facebook to witness the launching of the 2020 Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ Theme.  In conjunction with the launching, Bro.Tan will be giving a talk on ‘achieving tranquility in unsettling times’.

Life is certainly an enigmatic journey full of uncertainties.  Just 4 months ago, who could have predicted that we would be facing such severe Covid-19 threat to global health and economy?  Could anyone have imagined that 4 billion people are locked in their homes causing such upheavals to their livelihoods?

Under such changeable conditions, how can we maintain tranquility?  Is it even possible?  Tune in “live” on Thursday at 8.50PM to listen to Bro.Tan’s sharing on this interesting subject.  Form ‘watch parties’ with your family members and friends to learn Dhamma together.  All are welcome!