Learning and growing with our children

Learning and growing with our children

In order to teach our children good values, we must clearly comprehend these virtues ourselves.

Being a father or mother is a rewarding life experience which comes with a heavy responsibility towards our children.  When a child is born, we tend to his or her every need and comfort.  As they grow up, we need to mature with them by developing our skills to be their teacher, mentor and supporter.

While the love of parents for their child is boundless, this process of growing up is demanding for both child and parent.  We may lose our patience when they do something not within our expectations and over-react out of anger or disappointment, only to feel guilty later.  Our words and actions are often absorbed by our children and can affect their emerging personality.

Caring for a child does not entail spoiling them with material belongings. They would appreciate and benefit much more from our time and care.

Parents who raise kind, loving and upright children are often imbued with those very behaviours.  Although firm or even stern when needed, they are empathetic, patient and reflect on their parenting style to improve and adapt.  They also take time to explain the reasons behind their advice or actions.  This effort to get a child’s “buy-in” allows them to understand why, for example, that kindness to others is the right thing to do, and sees them keenly adopting good morals into their values system.

Children who are well cared for often learn to care and share with others.

Raising children is a journey of discovery to help them grow emotionally, morally and spiritually using a balanced approach.  Read more about parenting in this article published by the BBC here:  Challenges of Positive Parenting.