Learning Dhamma with Ven. Prof. Dhammajoti

Learning Dhamma with Ven. Prof. Dhammajoti

Nalanda members and volunteers welcoming Ven. Dhammajoti upon his arrival at Nalanda Centre.

On Monday 24 July, we were honoured to host Ven. Professor K.L. Dhammajoti, a Malaysian monk of Chinese descent, and one of the leading scholars on the Abhidhamma.  In his Dhamma teaching, Ven. Dhammajoti advocated learning the Dhamma by learning and reflecting on the suttas, and putting what we learn into practice.

Ven. Dhammajoti expounded on five bases of liberation as taught by the Buddha in the Vimuttāyatanasutta (Anguttara Nikaya 5.26), whereby one can experience inspiration in the meaning and inspiration in the Dhamma through learning, teaching, reciting, reflecting, or properly attending to an object of meditation.  This leads to the arising of joy, rapture, tranquillity, pleasure and concentration.

Ven. Dhammajoti autographing a book written by him.

Bro. Tong hosted the evening service and welcomed everyone.

The programme began with evening chanting.

Devotees respectfully welcomed Ven. Dhammajoti.

Ven. Dhammajoti encouraging everyone to cultivate the mind.

We thank Ven. Dhammajoti for coming to Nalanda Centre and for his comprehensive teaching.  May Ven. Dhammajoti be blessed with good health and success in his many noble endeavours.  Sadhu!

Devotees listen intently to Ven. Dhammajoti’s teaching.

Ven. Dhammajoti said we will benefit from reading and reflecting on the suttas.

Devotees taking the opportunity to ask questions.

Bro. Ajit and Bro. Disheng are both students of the Master of Arts Degree in Buddhist Studies, of which Ven. Dhammajoti is the main teacher.

Sis. Livin represented the Society in presenting publications to Ven. Dhammajoti.

We wish Ven. Dhammajoti good health and success in his noble endeavours.

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