Learning to nurture resilience

Learning to nurture resilience

Bro. Tan delivered an inspiring talk on how to develop ‘resilience’ in our lives and practice.

Report by Gan Bee Ching  |  Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

On Sunday 22 June, devotees congregated at Nalanda Centre for a joyful Service Sunday.  After meditation, pūja and chanting, Bro. Tan delivered an inspiring talk on ‘resilience’.  He said that just as one requires physical stamina to carry out activities, resilience is required for continuous and fruitful cultivation of a good mind.

Bro. Tan highlighted 6 integral factors to establish resilience in our lives.  These are: (1) the right perspective about controllable and uncontrollable situations;  (2) a sense of purpose that gives meaning to our roles and keeps us motivated;  (3) an attitude of ‘positiveness’ that directs us to look at ‘the good side’ in any situation;  (4) understanding that all achievements result from a ‘process of gradual progress’;  (5) maintaining perseverance in our strive; and
(6)  practicing patience.

Mr. Alex Toong (centre) and Mr. A K Lee (right) mindfully and respectfully offering rice.

It was a spiritually nurturing morning as devotees listened earnestly to Bro. Tan’s authentic experiences, which strengthens one’s zeal and conviction in cultivating a good mind.  Bro. Tan concluded the talk with an inspiring message for devotees that “the time to practise is Now”! Thus with joyful hearts and resilient minds, devotees later took part in cleaning and tidying the Centre before sitting down for communal lunch with wonderful feelings.  Sadhu anumodana.

After the Dhamma teaching, devotees mindfully and joyfully took part in cleaning the Centre.