Let’s get active, not anxious

Let’s embrace and carry out our intention of doing no harm, by being considerate to all beings and the environment.

Today is World Environment Day, an apt time for us to reconsider our habits so that we help and not harm the environment in our everyday lives.  We may not be able to turn back time on environmental degradations such as deforestation, pollution and ozone depletion, but we can quickly change to do more to care for the very thing – the environment – which sustains our living.

Let’s stop expending single-use plastics just for convenience; these plastics will likely choke an animal or a waterway.  Let’s reduce our use of paper where possible; we can instead grow shrubs and trees that gift us life-saving oxygen.  Let’s adjust our diets to reduce resource-consuming meat; this directly reduces our water and carbon footprint.

Over-consumerism causes excessive waste which pollute rivers, oceans and kills many animals.

We must be determined not to do harm to Mother Earth and our co-inhabitants especially by moderating our desires and wants; over-consumerism has already prematurely aged our planet.  Let us start, with a sincere and loving heart to make peace with nature by reimagining a cleaner future and actively restoring that which supports our every breath.  This is our moment to get active, and not anxious.