5 June 2021

Let’s get active, not anxious

Today is World Environment Day, an apt time for us to reconsider our habits so that we help and not harm the environment in our everyday lives.  We may not be able to turn back time on environmental degradations such as deforestation, pollution and ozone depletion, but we can quickly change to do more to care for the very thing – the environment – which sustains our living.

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22 April 2021

Make a stand for Mother Earth

Today is Earth Day.  This bountiful planet which we all call home has been the source of all we need for our survival and livelihood.  In just the last two centuries however, humankind has callously over-harvested its natural resources and caused immense damage to its ecosystems in pursuit of material comforts and conveniences.  “The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

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24 July 2020

Our waste is weighing down the world

Most of us are privileged to live a life in which our daily requirements such as food, clothing and entertainment are easily accessed.  Globally, this trend of consumption is increasing partly driven by the convenience that plastic packaging affords us.  Never before have so many products been individually packed for our ease of use; it has become the norm even when we are not on-the-go.

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5 June 2020

Make time to change on World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day, and time for us to reflect on what Mother Nature has been telling us for the past few months.  She showed us that when humans decide to perform only their essential activities, we can live in a cleaner and less polluted Earth.  When we make our lives simpler and restrain our desires, the environment worldwide immediately begins to heal.

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13 May 2020

Planting of sponsored trees gets going in Wisdom Park

On Mother’s Day, many friends responded to our campaign to sponsor a tree to be planted in Wisdom Park in honour of our mothers, and to help Mother Earth at the same time.  We would like to thank all donors and sponsors for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

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29 April 2020

Planting trees can help prevent premature deaths

New researches by scientists in the United States have shown the benefits of increasing tree cover in cities to people’s physical and mental health.  In Philadelphia, America’s fifth-largest city, researchers touted that hundreds of premature deaths can be prevented every year if the city’s tree cover were increased by just 10%.

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27 April 2020

An elusive Malayan icon

What animal is black and white, weighs up to 300 kg, lives in the jungles of Asia, and is not a Giant Panda?  It is ‘Tapirus indicus’ – or commonly known as the Malayan Tapir.  This inhabitant of our lowland jungles is the largest of 4 species of tapirs in the world, and the only one found in Asia.

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22 April 2020

Please make everyday ‘Earth Day’

Today, we observe the 50th anniversary of ‘Earth Day Celebration’ in a subdued mood due to the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic.  The world is sick; millions of people are under quarantine, and billions more are confined to their dwellings.  So instead of going outdoors to plant trees, we are left to do what we can for Mother Earth from our homes.

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3 March 2020

Don’t cut down trees, plant them instead

Around the world, people and animals are feeling the heat of global warming, and suffering from the effects of large-scale environmental destruction and degradation.  Worldwide, a staggering 29,000 trees are cut down every minute!  That’s 1.7 million trees in an hour, or 41 million trees destroyed in just a single day!

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25 July 2019

‘Go Green’ at Family Fun Fair

We invite you to join the ‘Go Green’ initiative at Nalanda Family Fun Fair by bringing along your own food & drink containers, cutlery, and shopping bags to use this Sunday.  This simple gesture will considerably reduce the disposal of single-use tableware & plastic bags, which take decades to decompose.

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