Stay apart, but keep close to heart

Let us maintain positive spirits; we can keep ourselves and others safe and healthy!

As of today, the Coronavirus has infected more than 725,000 people worldwide, and claimed the lives of 34,000 victims.  In Malaysia and many other countries, authorities have urged everyone to self-quarantine at home, to wear face-masks, and to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet or 1.8m from another person to prevent community spread of the disease.

Let us keep tabs on the development of this pandemic through reliable media, and not from unverified sources of information.  Practise good personal hygiene and keep our hands, faces and clothes clean at all times.  And very importantly, let us play our part in keeping each other safe by maintaining our social distance.

Let us also maintain positive spirits while working from home, and be thoughtful and kind while staying together with others.  Spare thoughts of compassion for all those who are victims of the virus, and others who are working at the frontlines to treat them.  Turn any anxiety you have into compassion instead.  By our combined efforts, we shall be able to overcome this affliction, and humanity shall ultimately prevail.  Stay safe and healthy everyone!