Lingering joy after Wesak

Lingering joy after Wesak

Nalanda Dharma School facilitators and students from Kuala Lumpur Branch feeling joyful on Wesak Day.

Although it has been a month since Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ B.E. 2559 was celebrated at Nalanda Centre, the joy lingers on for many Nalandians as we recollect our Dhamma learning and the wholesome deeds performed during that period.

The opening of Nalanda Centre annex building just in time for Wesak was indeed a great blessing, as this year we welcomed a record of 4,600 visitors to the Centre over 3 days – an increase of 50% over last year.  We would like to thank all devotees from near or far who came for the many spiritual and educational activities lined up from 1 to 3 May.  Thank you for your kind participation!

The timely opening of Nalanda Centre annex building enabled us to accommodate thousands of devotees who came visiting over the 3-day celebration.

Nalandians from the 4 branches came together to celebrate Wesak in Sri Serdang.

We are very grateful for the support we received from many members, volunteers, sponsors and benefactors who were ever generous with your time and effort.  We wish everyone much peace, happiness and spiritual progress in the year ahead.  Sadhu anumodana!

Joyful Nalandians manning the ‘Information Centre’ ready to welcome visitors anytime.

Enjoying happiness together – (From right) Deputy President Bro. Charlie Teng, KL Branch Chairman Bro. Eugene Yong, and Board Member Bro. Louis Chan.

Nalanda Dharma School facilitators concluding Wesak celebrations with an ‘Añjali salute’.

Dharma School House Captains Chan Yu (right) and Neville Lee (left) welcoming visitors to Nalanda.