Luang Por Amaro visits Wisdom Park

Luang Por Amaro visits Wisdom Park

Nalanda members are grateful for the opportunity to host Luang Por Amaro at Wisdom Park.

On Wednesday 19 June, Nalanda members warmly received Luang Por Amaro on his maiden visit to Wisdom Park.  Luang Por toured the parks, pavilions and buildings which were built to provide a conducive environment to facilitate the learning and practice of Dhamma.  He rejoiced in the availability and usage of Wisdom Park for the growth and learning of the Buddhist community.

Members welcome Luang Por with joy.

Sis. Nandini Tan briefed Luang Por on the programmes at Wisdom Park.

We invite you to join us at Nalanda Centre this Friday, 21 June for a Dhamma teaching by Luang Por Amaro.  The evening service starts at 8pm with offerings and chanting.  All are welcome.

Bro. Charlie Teng making offering of requisites to Luang Por Amaro on behalf of all members.