Luang Por Viradhammo visits Nalanda Centre

Ajahn Viradhammo was brought on a brief tour of Nalanda Centre. Seen here with Nalandians at Sasanaloka Hall, Level 4.

Nalanda is honoured by the visit by Phra Ajahn Viradhammo, a senior monk from the forest tradition of Ajahn Chah, today at 1pm.  Luang Por (“venerable elder”) Viradhammo resides in a forest monastery near Ottawa, Canada; and is on a visit to Thailand and Malaysia.

Ajahn Viradhammo was led from BUBS to Nalanda Centre by Bro. Tan Buck Soon and his son.  Luang Por was welcomed on arrival by many awaiting Nalandians.  He had some interesting discussions with all of us.  He expressed his anumodana for what Nalanda has achieved over the past years, and offers his blessings to us for more successful endeavours in the future.