Mdm. Gamage visit Nalanda Centre

Mdm. Gamage visit Nalanda Centre

Nalandians welcoming Mdm. Gamage, Dayani, and Dhaninda.

Nalandians warmly welcoming Mdm. Gamage (sitted), her daughter Dayani, and grandson Dhaninda.

The youngest sister of the late Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda, Madam K. H. Gamage from Colombo, visited Nalanda Centre recently in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the late venerable’s passing.  It was Mdm. Gamage’s first visit to Nalanda, and she was accompanied by daughter Dayani Hemadasa, and grandson Dhaninda L. A. Hemadasa.

Mdm. Gamage and her family were warmly received by Nalandians and had a delightful tour of the facility.  Mdm. Gamage said that she felt a sense of peace and joy the moment she stepped into Nalanda Centre, being deeply affected by the serenity of its atmosphere and the warmth of its people.

Offering at the Buddha Altar.

Customary offerings at the Buddha Altar upon arriving at Nalanda Centre.

Bro. Tan welcoming visitors.

Bro. Tan was very happy to meet Mdm. Gamage again after many years.

It was a moving scene when Mdm. Gamage paid respects at the altar of the late Ven. Dhammananda in Nalanda Library.  She teared up when recollecting the kindness and greatness of her eldest brother.  She reminisced about her younger years in Sri Lanka and her earliest memories of Ven. Dhammananda, who was 19 years her senior.

Paying respects at the altar.

Mdm. Gamage paying respects at the late Ven. Dhammananda’s altar in Nalanda Library.

Offerings of flowers and lamp.

Offerings of flowers and lamp.

Mdm. Gamage reminiscing about her early life and family.

Mdm. Gamage reminiscing about her early life and family members.

Bro. Tan said that he was happy to meet Mdm. Gamage again after many years, especially here at Nalanda Centre.  Bro. Tan also informed her that the name ‘Nalanda’ was bestowed by Ven. Dhammananda to the Society in 2003.  The late venerable also named many rooms at the Centre – such as ‘Sumangala Room’, ‘Sucinta Room’, and ‘Sri Dharma’ Tipitaka Room.  Indeed, Nalandians are forever indebted to Ven. Dhammananda as he was our teacher and staunchest supporter.


Bro. Tan informing Mdm. Gamage and Dayani that Nalanda plans to build a new facility in Sri Serdang in honour of the late venerable. The “K. Sri Dhammananda Centre” is scheduled to open in 2018.

Mdm. Gamage and her family were elated when they learnt that Nalanda plans to build an education facility in Sri Serdang named “K. Sri Dhammananda Centre” in honour of our late spiritual adviser.  Before taking leave, she gave an eloquent speech wishing for everyone’s success and happiness.  Nalandians in return wished her a long life of good health, joy and fulfilment. Sadhu!

Perfoming dāna.

It was happenstance to perform dāna during her visit to Nalanda.

Warm sending-off.

Mdm. Gamage was beaming with happiness as she bid goodbye to Nalandians – as warmly sent-off as she was received.